The Benefits of Workforce Development

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for August of 2018, there are currently 6.2 million Americans that are unemployed. Now, that’s a big number! One of the reasons for such a high number is that workers don’t have the ever-increasing skill set that businesses are demanding. In our fast-paced world where technology is advancing (almost) faster than the speed of light and new industries are popping up every day, it’s important to keep our workplace skill sets sharp. That’s where workforce development comes in!

“There’s a rapid change in skills needed in the workforce. Having access to affordable training is necessary.”

Maureen Herbert, Director of the Office of Continuing Education & Workforce Development at Vermont Technical College

Workforce development training can benefit everyone in all industries and all types of employment. For folks who only have a high school diploma it can give them the training and license requirements needed in fields that allow them to start work right away, rather than taking the 2-5 years for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. One example of that is our 30-hour OSHA training class we just held here at The PILLARS in September over the course of just 4 days! We now have 27 more participants who are able to enter into the competitive market of construction and be a viable candidate!

“Most businesses that want to grow want to help employees engage in their jobs at a new level, especially if they have been in the role [for a long time].”

Katherine Morosani, Director of Asheville Center for Professional Studies

 Workforce development can also help already employed workers who want to build on their existing skills in order to advance in their current workplace. Not only that, but they can use available trainings to make them relevant and more valuable in a competitive market. When trying to dip your toes in a new career, the speed and ease of these kinds of workforce trainings are essential to staying on top of your game. Not to mention, that the ability to adapt to new technologies and innovation is an important marketable skill that will give them an edge in their current employment or with their job search.

The fields in which job opportunities has risen the most are healthcare, wholesale trade, transportation, warehousing, and construction; all fields in which a short training course and fulfillment of license requirements are all that is needed in order to join these rapidly growing fields. Please join us at The PILLARS to help us help you be the most successful person you can be!

Goldie,BSW Intern at The PILLARS