Acupressure as a Compliment

It’s an honor to serve our community and to inform PILLARS members of a little known treatment that has proven via testimony to have a positive impact on the lives of folks and their families. Acupressure beads placed on a few points on our ears (auricular) has been helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, cravings, and pain.

Several weeks ago, we received a call with some exciting news from a cancer patient who credits acupuncture/acupressure with significantly easing the many discomforts of having chemo therapy. This particular patient is a retired registered nurse, who when told of the success many have had with acupuncture dismissed the stories for one reason or another. But now, this patient has experienced the benefits for themselves!

Personally, a debt of gratitude is owed to the mentors at the Lincoln Recovery Center in the South Bronx.

George Plaskett, Acupressure at The PILLARS