The Importance of Self-Love

We spend our lives pouring out love onto others in our lives through words, actions, gifts, and our time. But I wonder if we express that same outpouring of love to ourselves? I know we’ve all heard it before but it’s impossible to give what we do not have ourselves. And so, we need to get good at loving on ourselves. Not just to have the capacity to give to others, but because we are inherently worthy. Friend, you are worthy of love.

We reflected on this statement recently during a parenting skills class at The PILLARS: When we are unhappy it usually doesn’t help very much to have others contradict us with a compliment. Wow. Let that sink in. I began to think of all the times I had deflected compliments (even though they were true) because I was unhappy in my own body, skin, ability, etc. The truth is, we all have shortcomings. But the bigger truth is, we all have gifts and talents and callings that are completely unique to us and that the world needs us to step into and embody fully. No one else can do what you can do. No one else can be what you are called to be. And so you might ask yourself if you are stopping yourself from receiving the truth of who you are because you are unhappy?

I think it is important to have a good and complete sense of self. Of course, I’m all about growing and become a better and more healthy version of ourselves. But unless we approach these things with the perspective that we are good and whole, it’s likely that we won’t make these improvements.

I invite you to jump into this journey of self-love. My challenge to you is this: choose one of the prompts below and reflect on how it has helped you love yourself this week.

  • Do two things to take care of yourself this week without using compulsive behaviors or patterns

  • Reflect on one positive interaction where you trusted yourself or someone else this week

  • Reflect on one situation you handled well and are proud of or a situation you are grateful for

If this is something you would like to discuss more in depth or if you need a community of people to support you, come by The PILLARS today, we would love to meet you and walk alongside you.

-Miranda, BSW Intern at The PILLARS