Go Where The Grace Is

Have you ever found yourself in a place of continually striving to make something happen, just to feel completely drained and overwhelmed with no end in sight? Of course, there are times where we must do things that aren’t easy. We push forward. We call on those closest to us for support. But, I wonder if some of the things we are constantly feeling the weight of are actually things we need to let go of.

I have a habit of believing the things I sign up for or feel called to in a season of life means that I am to it FOR LIFE. With no termination date, I continually strive to make myself fit in roles that frankly I do not fit in anymore. As people, we are always growing and learning, and hopefully becoming more aware of our true selves as time goes on. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we no longer feel the same attachment or attitude towards things in our lives that we did at one point. And hey……that’s okay!!

My encouragement to you as we head further into 2019 is to go where the grace is. What is calling out to you right now that gets you excited and challenges you? What will help you take the next step in your journey in faith or recovery? What might scare you a little bit, but yet you still feel protected and taken care of if you were to say yes? Is there something you need to let go of to make room for your answers?

I hope your answers to those questions fill you with hope for what’s to come. Moving into a new role, position, home, or piece of your identity does not diminish or take away from what you’ve accomplished in those roles you’re stepping away from. In fact, it seals the work you’ve done and makes room for the next person to step in. Thank goodness for the people who have gone before us! It’s humbling to remember that we also go before others, paving the way for them to step into something. So get excited for what you will do with what’s in your hand now! Let go of anxiety and strife, and step into the adventure that’s covered in grace.

-Miranda, BSW Intern at The PILLARS