Now offering- Afro-fusion Dance!

Afro-fusion is a mix of African dances, offered at The PILLARS. This dance combines influences from Caribbean, African America, and African cultures. Afro-fusion has amazing benefits that reduce stress, all the while creating a great workout! By its expression and rhythmic movement, the body remains constantly active. Even more exhilarating is the spiritual experience where somehow your spirit, mind, and soul are connected. When dancing, you can feel a positive energy which helps to free emotions and escape from any stress.

If we enable our bodies to move freely, we empower ourselves. We will be able to express everything that comes from our hearts and put away every fear, stress, anxiety, judgment, or negatives self talk. For us Afro-fusion is more than a dance, its an opportunity to activity live out the  four tenets of the PILLARS. We care about creating new ways of looking at and living life. Holistic care is multi-dimensional and soothes deeper than the surface level, but rather supports a lifestyle worth living for. 

Join us every week for Afro-fusion classes. Feel the rhythm in the beat...

-Yissel Almonte, BSW Intern at The PILLARS