“I would like to share with you the transformation that has taken place in my life since May 4, 2018when I started acupressure at The PILLARS.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with bipolar (a form of depression).  Every month I would visit the psychiatrist assigned to me.  He would ask a few questions and proceeded to write several prescriptions with instructions on how they should be administered and come back within two months.  This went on for two years or more, and I wasn’t feeling better. Actually, I felt worse. 

I was becoming discouraged. I could not get out of bed. I could not take a bath. I could not go outside.  My daughter and grandchildren did not like coming into to my bedroom, because it was cold and dark. They could feel and smell the depression in the air. My depression was affecting the kinetics of the entire household.

On Friday, May 4, 2018 @ 11:00pm I came to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at this location and I noticed a large easel with a calendar for the month of May.  I read it and was given a smaller copy of the calendar.  On Wednesday May 9, 2018 I came in for my first acupressure treatment.  I met with Mr. George Plaskett, who immediately put my mind at ease.  I have never had acupressure and I did not feel the result immediately.  I continued to come and stared to attend the other programs they offer such as Tai Chi, Guided Meditation, Yoga and Reiki Meditation. The combination of these programs has changed my life tremendously. I don’t recall when it happened, but I notice that I was no longer take anti-depressive medication.  I was able and wanted to get up and shower, and go outside and cook for my family. This transformation happened over a six month period.  

There are no words that can express my gratitude for the staff here at The PILLARS for giving me my life back and as my daughter stated “given her, her mother back”.  

I would like to give back what was given to me, by helping people in my community and letting them know how well this model program works.

Thank you, PILLARS.”

-Harriet M.

Acupuncture / 5 point ear therapy

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"George is very calming. He helps you to relax, relate and restore your energy. The environment is warm and positive. I had sprained my muscles on my left side, due to a twist of the body. I moved abruptly and stretched too far. George's acupuncture remedies were very effective. Be well & good.” -Veronica J.

"I was overcome with dread and negativity. Once I entered the premises I became calm. After the Acupuncture/Acupressure treatment, my senses, spirit and mind were heightened. I am so focused and ready for the world. I hear the beats from the drums. Thank you so much!" -Robin

"It was very relaxing, I fell right to sleep. At first it was hard to come at peace, and then I allowed myself to "let go" and that's when I fell into a deeper sleep. It's great." -Yormin B.

"I came with a body infused with inflammation, confirmed by my physician, however this process of mindfulness & acupuncture released the pain I was feeling effortlessly. Thank you George for administering healing.” -Jacqueline D.

"The first time coming for treatment I had nasal congestion. After the treatment 6 days ago, I have not had any more issues with the nasal congestion. I plan on coming back Wednesday to get some more treatment. I have been walking better, without pain, and the swelling in my feet is no longer an issue. Thank You." -M.G. 

"I am very grateful for the availability of the acupuncture. It helps me throughout my day to relax and stay calm, and it works as a good sleep aid. I would love to do it more often if I can. Thanks for offering this treatment." -S.V.

"I stated acupuncture at Pillars in July of 2018 and my experience is awesome. I got exactly what I expected, what I read about and what I heard about this treatment. I was interested because of the five herniated discs I have and this has really helped with the pain and along with that I walked out feeling a mood change. It eased my pressure, puts me in a calm mood. I feel like I' am a brand new person every time I walk through those doors. Thanks to George and Pillars". -Shawn

“If you couple meditation with acupuncture, very therapeutic. If you don’t meditate this still is great for stress relief”-J.M.

“Instantly I feel a sense of relief and calmness, that will last after the acupuncture is done. I recommend it to anybody that seeks relief from pain and to help cope with anxiety.” -R.P.

“Before the acupuncture experience I had a lot of thoughts running threw my head about what to do with my money, what I should buy, what I need, what I want. After the treatment, at the moment in fact I’m feeling like it doesn’t matter right now. I’m very relaxed, I don’t want nothing or feel like I need anything, I just fell “OPEN”!!! Thank you for this experience. Definitely coming back for more. Awesome!” -L.K.

“Wow! What a wonderful stress & pain relieving 1st time experience with Pillars and the Acupressure treatment by George. I came in with thigh/leg pain, business anxiety and everyday NY life stress. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist and I’m leaving with no right thigh pain and a relaxed state of mind. That’s rejuvenating and inspiring. Thank you! I’ll be making this part of my wellness program and letting people know about this! Bravo.” -V.J.

"Acupuncture relaxes my emotions and my tears start to drip, and I don't and didn't kill or murder no one that, who provoked me. I feel good inside and outside.” -J.M.B.

"Why I believe in acupuncture/acupressure?- I've missed acupuncture/acupressure for about a month. Before, I received treatment minimally twice a week. It keeps my energy up and helps me remain calm instead of in a constant state of anxiety over things. After treatment today, I feel so relaxed, balanced and serene, in control. I am in the moment and in control of my thoughts and emotions. I am focused within, not all over the place. I'm back to me.” -D.S.

"I am very grateful for the availability of acupuncture/acupressure and all the wonderful holistic treatments here at The PILLARS. Today was my first experience here, although I have had acupuncture before. Today's experience was extremely relaxing, and a comfortable environment and an excellent treatment.” -Chandra


“Thank U, all for This VALENTINE'S NEWS LETTER OH MY GOD  ...such a Loving & Healing communication, in + Of Itself (and just Think--- then We have the Actual workshops) All these Words & Guidance from the Heart ~  I Thank U, All....from the very All of Mine Love , Peace & VICTORY” -Tommie T.

“Wow Felecia, your newsletter is impressive and your commentary "From the Heart" says it all! We are honored to partner with you in multiple ways speaking for BIR and ReVision” -Reggie